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As one of the oldest bulldog sites on the web, Bulldogz.Com has provided information to bulldog enthusiasts since 1998. We feature information about the Bulldog breed, its history and how to care for and breed these wonderful dogs. We are also a portal for the sale of bulldogs and associated paraphernalia, general pet ware and books. This is a site designed for the bulldog community so please contact us for any improvements or additions that you think would be beneficial to Bulldog enthusiasts around the world.

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The Bulldog

The bulldog is an amazing feat of genetic modification traceable back to the molosser dogs of the ancient Britons. Once a feared and “Fell” dog used for barbaric blood sports of the past, the modern Bulldog has been bred as a companion dog since these were outlawed in 1835. Consequently the Bulldog is loyal, stoic, and as completely loveable as any other breed. For a detailed look at the history of the bulldog refer to our page dedicated to this topic.

The modern Bulldog’s primary characteristics are much more exaggerated than it’s gladiator ancestors, this makes them generally much less nimble than most dogs and are suited to households where exercise is not the top priority. Often described as the “The lazy man’s dog” bulldogs are capable of short bursts of high activity, but they are not suited to the fitness fanatic.

Bulldogs have an unmistakeable appearance. They are short legged, stocky dogs with large blocky heads, short foreface and a turned up jaw. The uninitiated sometimes mistake them for boxers but the two breeds are quite different.

Modern Bulldog

In the USA, the Bulldog is described as the “English Bulldog” to differentiate them from other bulldog derivatives such as the “American Bulldog” which is closer in resemblance to the old fighting bulldogs of the past.

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